NAC2022 NARLabs & NSTDA Conference on Research: Application for Autonomous Vehicles


Taiwan’s first closed proving ground for self-driving cars “Taiwan CAR Lab” was inaugurated in Tainan’s Salun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site in February 2019.

It can provide autonomous cars or medium-sized buses to test their obstacle detection or avoidance capabilities in this enclosed area for mixed traffic flow and pedestrian crossroads, which are common traffic accident scenarios in Taiwan.
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)through EECi ARIPOLIS has been systematically working with local and international companies to explore various means and platforms to assist the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) industry in Thailand. In recognition of the background and mutual interests, CAR Lab, EECi with Department of Science Service (DSS)’s support work together to promote CAV research and development in Thailand. The invited speakers for today’s event are from academics and industry, to share their results for HD MAP application, autonomous simulation, operation experience, and local traffic scenarios.

Date: MARCH 31, 2022
Time: 14:30 (TPE Time) | 13:30 (BKK Time)


Time Activities
14:30-14:45 13:30-13:45

Greetings and Group Photo
Opening Remarks

  • Mr. Pathom Sawanpanyalert
    M.D., Director General, Department of Science Service (DSS), MHESI
  • Dr. Prof. Hui-Huang Hsu
    Director, Science and Technology Division,Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Dr. Janekrishna Kanatharana
    Executive Vice President, NSTDA and Executive Director, Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi)
  • Dr. Wen-Kuan Yeh
    Acting Vice President, NARLabs
14:30-14:45 13:40-14:30

Section 1 : Taiwan part

  1. Taiwan Car Lab research service platform
    By Dr. Lung-Yao Chang
    NARLabs (10 mins)
  2. Safe PLAN for Autonomous Driving Applications Piloted by HD Maps
    By Prof. Kai-Wei Chiang
    NCKU (10 mins)
  3. Simulation for the Development of Autonomous Driving Techniques
    By Prof. Jyh-Ching Juang
    NCKU (10mins)
  4. Autonomous Driving Platform and Taiwan Operation
    By Mr. Stephen Liu
    TURING (10 mins)
  5. Motor Tricycle ESG
    By Dr. Susan Wang
    AFTA (10 mins)
15:30-16:20 14:30-15:20

Section 2 : Thailand part

  1. CAV Proving Ground
    By Dr. Pasan Kulvanit
    Department of Science Service (DSS) (10 min)
  2. CAV Research and Development in Thailand
    By Dr. Jartuwat Rajruangrabin
    Rail and Modern Transports Research Center, NSTDA (10 min)
  3. Geospatial Technic for Validating the Accuracy of Location Service with Links to Modern Transport
    By Dr. Thayathip Thongtan
    National Institute of Metrology Thailand (NIMT) (10 min)
  4. Autonomous Vehicle Use Cases in Thailand
    By Ms. Wareemon Purapati
    Gen Surv Robotics (10 min)
  5. Human Resource Development in CAV Industry
    By Asst. Prof. Nuksit Noomwongs
    Chulalongkorn University (10 min)
16:20-16:30 15:20-15:30

Summary and Closing Remarks

  • Dr. Janekrishna Kanatharana
    Executive Vice President, NSTDA and Executive Director,
    Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi)
  • Dr. Wen-Kuan Yeh
    Acting Vice President, NARLabs


Dr. Ravipat Phudpong
Director of EECi Collaboration Development Division, NSTDA



  • Mr. Pathom Sawanpanyalert
  • Dr. Prof. Hui-Huang Hsu
  • Dr. Janekrishna Kanatharana
  • Dr. Wen-Kuan Yeh
  • Dr. Lung-Yao Chang
  • Prof. Kai-Wei Chiang
  • Prof. Jyh-Ching Juang
  • Mr. Stephen Liu
  • Dr. Susan Wang
  • Dr. Pasan Kulvanit
  • Dr. Jartuwat Rajruangrabin
  • Dr. Thayathip Thongtan
  • Ms. Wareemon Purapati
  • Asst. Prof. Nuksit Noomwongs


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